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Monica Quarles is a woman of faith, a pursuer of purpose, advocate, entrepreneur, author, life coach, mentor, family specialist and so much more. She is passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential and a free spirit at heart. She is a leader in her home and community sharing stories that inspire hope that develop unrevealed beauty in the unlikely places. She is a lover of stories and unimaginable miracles. Monica is a mother , wife and educator in all facades of life.

Monica has a unique story which birthed her life long journey of helping others find their healing. Her greatest fight has been family from birth, she came into this world in a fight. She was conceived in the projects on the far Eastside of Indianapolis with her mother fighting for her life at the hands of her father. Faced with a choice to end the cycle of DV and cut off ties with a troubled home her, biological mother made a decision that would affect her life forever. Monica grew up in the system in foster care , adoption and group homes, a system where she fought to know her identity and roots.

Monica battled for years with what so many people are facing today abandonment, rejection, drowning in feelings of despair, hopelessness, overworked, underpaid and just down right unsatisfied with life. Monica ran to an unpromising world filled with fake satisfaction; she was a teen mother of two by the age of 19. She soon found herself in the same cycle of abuse, being so desperate for love and looking in all the wrong places. Her search began for wholeness ;one thing that she learned from her adopted mother was faith ,the most precious gift anyone could share. After many failures, setbacks and disappointments she found hope through her faith , mentorship ,coaching and therapy. Monica overcame and knew it was her time to empower others to break the silence and be a voice for those who have not found their own.

Monica received her GED in 2001. She later decided to further her education at Ivy Tech Community College in 2009, graduating with her Associates in Human Services. This sparked a curiosity in serving and giving back to her community in a big way .She later received her Bachelors in Social Work and Certificate in Case Management in 2011, from IUPUI. At this point, she was very determined to make an impact in the world. After working at DCS for a year, she decided to opened her first business Sarah’s Promise Childcare LLC licensed in 2012-2016. She served many families and children and later became a therapeutic foster parent with Benchmark Family Services where she housed over 22 children. She received recognition in the community and rated Paths to Quality Three ,providing exceptional learning curriculum. In 2014 ,Monica obtained her Master’s in Business Administration , Specializing in Healthcare Management .She is a professional learner and continues to seek out opportunities to utilize and sharpen all of her skills.

Monica is an Independent Contractor with the State of Indiana. In this role , she assists family’s with reunifying with their children that have been displaced by DCS due to reports of abuse and neglect. Monica is home based case manager, parent educator and supervised facilitator. Monica is owner and operator Family Solutions Consulting Agency LLC established in March 2020 ,during a nationwide pandemic. Monica’s name means ‘’ADVOCATE’’ and she is here to advocate for you. Monica knows the greatest gift to give anyone is ''Hope''. It is her hope that you will be empowered to believe again. Monica is passionate about working with families, and she believes she is here on purpose and for a purpose to be a part of your great journey. Family Solutions Consulting Agency LLC is here to help you love, heal and embrace life’s challenges with a new perspective. Let me partner with you on your journey to transformation.


2009: Ivy Tech Community College

Graduates with her Associates in Human Services

2011: IUPUI

Received her Bachelors in Social Work and Certificate in Case Management


Opened her first business Sarah’s Promise Childcare LLC

2014: Indiana Wesleyan University

Obtained her Master’s in Business Administration , Specializing in Healthcare Management

2020: Family Solutions Consulting Agency LLC

Establishes Family Solutions Consulting Agency LLC during a worldwide pandemic

2020: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Obtained certification