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Today many people are facing abandonment, rejection, drowning in feelings of despair, hopelessness, overworked, underpaid and just down right unsatisfied with life.

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Let me introduce myself

I’m Monica Quarles, your Advocate and Independent Consultant

Monica Quarles is a woman of faith ,a pursuer of purpose , advocate , entrepreneur, author , life coach, mentor, family specialist and so much more. She is passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential and a free spirit at heart. She is a leader in her home and community; sharing stories that inspire hope that develop unrevealed beauty in the unlikely places. She is a lover of stories and unimaginable miracles. Monica is a mother , wife and educator in all facades of life.

Monica Quarles – Business Owner


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My Practice

About Us

Family Solutions Consulting Agency LLC, empowers individuals/families to operate in their fullest potential by focusing on their strengths, challenging their misconceptions/shortcomings, empowering them to push past where they have been; to become who they have been called and predestined to be. All services provided are tailored to suit the individual or family’s personal needs. We appreciate and value your courage. We understand the journey can get lonely, but you are not ALONE. We have been there and know seeking support is a huge step toward improving your life. Partnership is powerful, Coaching is consciousness and Training is transformational. Let’s us embark on the journey to a new you.

Family Solutions Consulting Agency LLC, believes that whatever your situation you can benefit from partnership on your journey from work life balance to a listening ear, there is something for everyone. We believe that personal development and professional development go hand in hand. It takes a village to change the world so why not began building inner peace, better relationships and learning to grow through the challenges that life inevitable gives us. With our professional and community training we aim to promote, preserve and protect individuals and families integrity and intentions by providing supportive services that create a positive presence in our communities and around the world.

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